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Airy, light satin

Radiant colors

Premium cashmere and stylish trends

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Das sagen unsere Kunden

Catharina aus Bonn

Das ist bestimmt nicht mein letztes Set. Ich hab schon ein paar weitere Farben im Blick. Pink Lipstick ist fantastisch und mit einem dunkel-blauen Mantel ein echter Hingucker.

Ich habe Euch durch Zufall bei Instagram entdeckt und bin einfach richtig happy!

Stefanie aus Köln

Die Qualität ist perfekt und ich habe mich total in das Set verliebt.

David aus Tirol

Mütze und Schal waren der absolute Volltreffer. Danke! Fein, dass es Euch gibt.

A lady wearing a SAINTE MER Cashmere Scarf and Beanie in red
SAINTE MER Kaschmir-Schal Rouge


ROME Edition

A "Roman Holiday"

I'm Marlen and the founder of SAINTE MER. Last weekend my boyfriend and I were in Rome. In the middle of November it was definitely colder than expected, but luckily I had my favorite SAINTE MER Scarf in ROUGE!

A young lady wearing a SAINTE MER Cashmere Scarf and Beanie in Sea Foam tourquise
SAINTE MER Set: Kaschmir-Mütze und Kaschmir-Schal in der Farbe Sea Foam

as seen on @linda.sza

PARIS edition

We love the relaxed trench coat look that content creator Linda combined with our seafoam scarf and hat set! SAINTE MER's radiant colors simply make every gray day and every winter outfit that little bit more individual.

A young man wearing a SAINTE MER cashmere set in blue
SAINTE MER Kaschmir-Schal Ocean Blue

As Seen on @manuelzairi

PARK Edition

From now on we only want to wear a suit and our cuddly soft clothes Scarf in ocean blue from the house. And we want to look at least a little as cool as digital creator Manu!

A girl wearing a SAINTE MER Cashmere Scarf and Beanie laughing
SAINTE MER Cashmere Scarf and Beanie as set

As Seen on @fredi_insa

VINEYARD edition

What could be nicer than spending a Sunday afternoon at a winery with good food and great wine ? We think that a set of SAINTE MER scarf & hat in MAUVE should definitely not be missing!

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Our garments are made from the finest Grade-A cashmere for lasting quality. Grade A stands for the highest cashmere quality, with particularly fine, long and light-colored natural material for the cashmere yarn.

Thanks to our many years of purchasing experience with well-known fashion brands, we have trusted our cashmere suppliers and their outstanding quality for a decade .


SAINTE MER firmly anchors sustainability and environmental protection in the company philosophy. Cashmere is durable, retains its value, is environmentally friendly and biodegradable . We strive for a resource-saving approach and are committed to a better, greener future.

Our efforts are aimed at minimizing our ecological footprint.


SAINTE MER knitwear is made from one of the finest and most coveted natural materials in the world. Cashmere embodies exclusivity and timeless value. SAINTE MER strives for modern, carefully designed creations that will become enduring favourites.

A contemporary aesthetic with subtle color nuances characterizes our offer.