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Article: Caring for cashmere properly

Glückliche SAINTE MER Kaschmirziege

Caring for cashmere properly

In order to properly care for your pure cashmere beanie and your pure cashmere scarf from SAINTE MER, we have created a short article here so that you have some of your new favorite items in your closet for a long time!


Cashmere does not stretch and will even soften over time!

Wash cashmere: less is more

Cashmere is a high-quality natural product and has self-cleaning and antibacterial properties. Only wash your scarf or hat when they are really dirty and there is no other choice. The less you wash cashmere, the better!


Use a special wool or cashmere detergent and never wash your SAINTE MER item by hand, but only on the wool or gentle cycle at a maximum washing temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.

Do not use high spin speeds and make sure that the washing machine is only half full with clothing that cannot damage your cashmere item (e.g. with zippers, Velcro fasteners, etc.).

drying cashmere

Lay your favorite cashmere piece on a spread out towel and give it a few turns while it dries. Never hang cashmere on a clothesline, you will see the imprints immediately and your SAINTE MER accessory may get out of shape. As soon as everything is really dry, hold a steam iron set as cold as possible OVER (not directly on) your cashmere piece so that the fine hairs can stand up again and your cashmere scarf looks as fluffy as before.


The formation of pills cannot be avoided with a natural product like cashmere and is one of the natural properties. If pilling bothers you, you can get a special pilling razor or comb to gently remove the pills. After that everything looks like new again!


Always keep your cashmere pieces lying flat and never hanging up in the closet. A lavender scented sachet will help keep moths away.



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