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Article: Quality, price, performance - How do I recognize high-quality cashmere?

Qualität, Preis, Leistung - Wie erkenne ich hochwertiges Kaschmir?

Quality, price, performance - How do I recognize high-quality cashmere?

Cashmere has long been synonymous with luxury and elegance . If you are interested in high-quality cashmere products, three key terms are of crucial importance: quality, price and performance. But how do you identify these characteristics when looking for the perfect cashmere piece? We have put together some tips to help you make your decision.


SAINTE Mer cashmere scarves and hats by the pool

1. Quality of cashmere

The quality of the cashmere is the decisive factor for an excellent, long-lasting product. We only use Grade-A cashmere for our SAINTE MER products. Here are some features:


a) Fiber fineness

Fine cashmere fibers are soft, delicate and feel luxurious . SAINTE MER only produces products from the finest, long cashmere fibers so that we offer you a comfortable fit. We only use cashmere from the softest part of the cashmere goat, the belly.


b) Softness

Touch our cashmere product. High-quality cashmere should feel soft and supple but still have a certain grip. Did you know that high-quality cashmere gets softer with age?


c) color intensity

Our SAINTE MER cashmere products have a deep and vibrant color intensity . Make sure the colors are even and clear. Grade-A cashmere uses a light starting color of cashmere wool , which is why our scarves shine particularly beautifully.


d) pilling

Pilling is the appearance of small nodules on the surface. High-quality cashmere, like that from SAINTE MER, pills less and holds its shape better. We only work with 100% cashmere, as cashmere mix materials tend to pill. Especially after 1-2 years of wearing, you can clearly see whether you have purchased a high-quality or inferior cashmere product.


SAINTE Mer cashmere scarves and hats hangtag logo

2. Value for money

When buying cashmere products, you should always keep the price-performance ratio in mind.


a) Prices

Cashmere is one of the most valuable and expensive natural textiles of all, which is mainly due to its natural scarcity. A SAINTE MER scarf measuring 260cm x 75cm in Grade-A cashmere costs often 35% more from our competitors of the same quality.


b) Durability

Cashmere can last a lifetime. Here in the SAINTE MER blog you will find valuable tips on how to properly care for cashmere .


c) Origin

The origin of cashmere is important. Our SAINTE MER cashmere comes from the Mongolia , where especially first-class raw material comes here.


Overall , choosing high-quality cashmere products is an investment that pays off. Pay attention to the criteria above to ensure you receive a top quality cashmere piece that meets your expectations. At SAINTE MER we are proud to offer 100% cashmere products that meet the highest standards of quality, price and performance.

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